As the end of the summer approaches, so does the new album, (r)Evolution. This, of course, brings some news and some fresh air to the events concerning HammerFall. There are some of the most important news and links:

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World Wide (r)Evolution is starting! With Serious Black as the opening act, and Orden Ogan as special guest, it all begins. Check out the tour dates here!

Let your voice speak for the (r)Evolution!

It has been three long years since the release of the last HammerFall album. "Infected" triggered many different reactions, from the harsh criticism of the music on the album itself all to amazement and new people getting into HammerFall. But there was one reason that caused more negative criticism than anything else: the absence of the band's mascot, symbol, protector and hero - the knight Hector.
Now, three years later, Hector is back with the vengeance, along with the upcoming HammerFall album (r)Evolution! And not only that he proudly stands on the album cover again, but he also has his personal song on the album - Hector's Hymn.
"It felt a bit perfunctory, and people were enraged because we didn't use our mascot Hector in any form. It actually came as a surprise to us, we never realized how important that was. But we listened to it, and Hector got his first song ever this time. It was about time", said Oscar.

The listening session for the new album was held in Gothenburg on May 24th. The reactions were very promising:
"It was a great production and fantastic music throughout the entire album. This here is the absolutely best album I have heard by HammerFall since Glory to the Brave" (Stig Ödegård, Scream Magazine, Norway)
"It is really progressive, an evolution for the band. I say this album will be an upcoming HammerFall-classic: straight-forward, rocking, back to the origins. But without nostalgia." (David Havlena, Spark Rock Magazine, Czech Republic)
"Album makes me remember the old days, and the band's earlier sound. At the same time, it is clear that they have opened up and accepted new influences from other bands. They managed to take the music to a higher level this time." (Jürgen Will, Rock It, Germany)

If you wish to hear the (very brief) fragments of some songs from the upcoming album, even if you don't speak Swedish, check the video with Oscar here.

Today, some bigger news emerged on HammerFall website. To see the dates and locations of three upcoming HammerFall shows, release dates for (r)Evolution throughout the world, release date and name of the first single, and the tracklist for the new album, visit the official HammerFall website.



HammerFall’s anniversary show in Dalhalla was recorded and released afterwards on DVD, followed by the final show at the Wacken Open Air. The German festival was the first show HammerFall ever did outside of Sweden, and marked the beginning of the long and passionate relationship the band has enjoyed with the German metal fans. And where the story started, the first chapter ended, there will also be the return: HammerFall are proud to announce their performance at the 25th anniversary of the 2014 Wacken Open Air. And the show won’t be a standard one! Oscar Dronjak explains: “It’s very fitting that, when Wacken celebrates its 25th anniversary, they will get a proper “Glory To The Brave” anniversary show. This will be a throwback show to the European gig that launched it all for us: Wacken Open Air 1997. The set list will consist of all the songs from the first album and we'll of course add some newer songs at the end. We will do this very unique show at Wacken and nowhere else, so if you miss it, you missed it.”

In August 2014 also the new and yet untitled studio album of HammerFall will be released. There will also be a single – released on vinyl and digitally – upfront in June. Oscar Dronjak reveals: “We’ve all kept ourselves busy with various projects of a musical nature, but, man, it feels good to finally announce that we’re going to release a new HammerFall album next year! The album is set for an August release, and we have already begun writing songs for it. It’s always difficult to tell which direction we will end up going in when you’re in the middle of it, but it feels like this will be a mix of the very best of what we have done over the years. The time off has given us perspective on a lot of things, and the new material seems to reflect this. We’re all super excited to get this going again and bring you a revitalized and reenergized HammerFall!”

This new album will mark a return to Fredrik Nordström, who worked with the band in their early days. Joacim Cans explains: "It's a great honor to have Fredrik Nordström back as the main producer for HammerFall. As the father and founder of "The Gothenburg Sound" as well as the producer of »Glory To The Brave« and »Legacy Of Kings« we are confident that he will take our music to new and yet unreached levels".

James Michael who had co-produced the band’s latest studio album »Infected« will once again take over the vocal recordings: "In order to maintain the high vocal standard set on »Infected« we will return to USA and record with multitalented SIXX:AM vocalist James Michael. Never have I experienced such great set-up and environment as when we recorded the previous album. Even though things will be different this time around since he is re-locating in Los Angeles, I am damn sure he will make my vocal chord deliver like never before"
This won’t be the only return to the bands roots. The artwork of the new record will be created by no one else, but Andreas Marschall, who actually was the founder of Hector, to be seen on »Glory To The Brave« and many other great HammerFall artworks. 

“There has never been any doubt in our minds that we would be back, and the moment we made the decision to take a much-needed break, we already had a strategy for the future of the band. A new album in 2014 has always been the plan, and when Joacim and I started to discuss the parameters for the next HammerFall album we found that one of the first points we immediately agreed on was that we should consider asking Andreas Marschall to do the cover artwork. Andreas is responsible for the first three HammerFall albums, and it seemed like the perfect time to let him interpret Hector again”, comments Oscar Dronjak. 

Taken from: Nuclear Blast website

During the break...

It might have seemed, at some point, that HammerFall had disappeared from public and went off on a holiday far away from everything ever since they announced that they would be taking a break through whole year of 2013. In July of 2012, they celebrated fifteen years of their work and hanging out together, by making a spectacular show in Dalhalla and recording it on DVD, but ever since, there have been no talks of a new album, no booked shows, no live appearances or any new releases. Just as they announced it officially, some would say - they are literally taking a long deserved break.

But is it really all the way seems? In fact, "the thunder 5 are riding once again" this year as well, just a little bit further away from ordinary write-record-release-play band's schedule.

Oscar signing "Legenden om HammerFall"
First off, Oscar probably made the biggest effort this year, to write a book about the whole HammerFall "biography", from the first idea and forming of the band, all the way to today. The book, titled "Legenden om HammerFall", reveals many things previously untold to fans, tells of many anecdotes, fun or painful moments in writing, recording, playing, making music videos, or participating in some quite different things just for fun (like Fort Boyard, for example). 

Legenden om HammerFall book cover
Unfortunately, this "legend" of HammerFall that was released on 24th of October is still available only in Swedish, but, hopefully (soon), it will be translated into English, and maybe even some other languages - who knows. For all those who are waiting for English version of the book, there are many interesting older and newer photos of some things the book tells about on Facebook:

Rock of Ages
HammerFall's frontman Joacim had no less work to do on this break from everyday HammerFall-business either. First, he took part in the Swedish stage version of the award winning hit musical, Rock Of Ages. He played the part of Dennis Dupree, and the show premiered at Chinateatern in Stockholm on February 21st. 

After that, he took it upon himself to record and release a solo album in Swedish, "Nu kan mörkret falla". This album was released on October the 30th, and showed, at least for most of his fans, another, unexpected side of Joacim and his work. The album is, apparently, nothing like HammerFall or any other metal band, which most people would expect. First glimpse of the whole new style (that could be defined as folk-rock, or only folk at some points) could have been heard before in the song Annelie, which is also on the album now (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zKTfITF0lBw). Anders played drums for a couple of songs on the album.
Nu kan mörkret falla CD cover

Joacim's greatest influence in this field of music and work are certain Swedish artists, and in the great amount, his inspiration came from his own growing up, observing the world, his own feelings and thoughts. The very reason for such album to be recorded was the fact that he could express himself much better, and tell about things that are simply not something HammerFall will ever deal with. There's a ballad from the album, for those who want to check it out:

Of course, this is by no means a sign that Joacim thinks about leaving rock and metal scene or putting HammerFall aside. Even for all those who really find this style "not their cup of tea", he will always keep the flame burning!

Death Destruction logo
Finally, Fredrik has his other band, Death Destruction, for which he now has some more time.

Death Destruction was formed in 2004, and consists of a HammerFall member (Fredrik, naturally), two former Evergrey members - Jonas Ekdahl and Henrik Danhage - and the former Dead by April singer and founding member, Jimmie Strimell. Therefore, Death Destruction has a background in progressive and power metal, and metal-core. As the guys themselves say about this band: "...super group, side-project, hobby-band - not one is correct. Rather, one could view the band as the collective results of four master musicians joining forces."
They were one of the support bands on HammerFall tour in 2011.
For anyone further interested in this, here's a sample of their work:

However, good news are here: new HammerFall album is already on the way, writing of songs has begun, as well as planning the next tour, and something brand new can be expected by the end of the next summer! What are fans' expectations, will they be met, will everything continue in the ordinary way, just as it has been for the past 16 years, or will there be an unexpected refreshment and turn of events? It all remains to be seen next year, but I believe no one will be let down! ;)

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It was The Metal Age (which, in this case, apparently took place in summer of 2012) in the 
Shadow Empire, when a Templar Of Steel came upon the idea to gather all Templars Of Steel with their Hearts On Fire in this land of Dreamland, this HammerFall Fan Club, and light The Templar Flame for the Legion by the name HammerFall, consisting of five brothers in arms who are Blood Bound, and who were always Destined For Glory. We take care that The Fire Burns Forever, fire of that Templar Flame. We are the ones who Keep The Flame Burning, Templars!

Joacim, Oscar, Pontus, Fredrik and Anders know that in the end, for those who believe, all Dreams Come True, just as they did for them, when they found the gold At The End Of The Rainbow and ended up together as this band. They are continuing the Legacy Of Kings of heavy/power metal, and when they Raise The Hammer, the Reign Of Hammer begins. You know it began when you find yourselves at a great show and hear the words: "What do you say if I say Let The Hammer...?" in a familiar voice. And as you shout out loud: "FALL!", Crimson Thunder appears in the sky, showing you The Way Of The Warrior. For all those who are Heeding The Call of their inner Templar Of Steel, Hammer Of Justice seeks what is right for them, and makes sure that, from then on, no Outlaw will Bring The Hammer Down.

No matter whether you are truly Infected with HammerFall's music, or just appreciate the great work and sound, you are welcome to join us here in this Fan Club. We accept you as our sisters and brothers in metal (unite...), whatever Fire Burns Forever in you: if you feel an Unchained Rebel Inside, or a Renegade, or The champion, or maybe Fury Of The Wild; maybe you are a Trailblazer, or perhaps Angel Of Mercy; or you feel The Enemy Within. You are all welcome, and either if you're One Of A Kind or Howlin' With The Pac', here, I Believe, when Steel Meets Steel, we are all Warriors Of Faith in good music, and are Stronger Than All in this community.

In 2014 we will witness the new Hero's Return, for it is said that A Legend will be Reborn when the new HammerFall album is released. Secret of great music of these Knights Of The 21st Century is simple: Life Is Now, and all your dreams can come true. They followed their dreams, and ended up Carved In Stone, as Something For The Ages. Of course, Never, Ever forget: No Sacrifice, No Victory. So, in short way it would say: win by Any Means Necessary... ;)


Cheers from the admins. ;)